Roulette System
Questions & Answers

Q. How long does the system take to learn?

A. It will take a day to read and understand the basic system and hopefully call a few winners on the DVD ~ at least enough on the first day to see that the method is fully valid. There are elements of skill involved and as with anything like this some will find it easier than others but within a couple of weeks most players should feel a full sense of skill and understanding. As with all skills the more you play the better you would become.

Q. What should my bankroll be ?

A. A bankroll is only relative to your style of play and the level of the winning margin. Bankroll is also a far bigger deal for those who waste much time on actual staking strategies that don’t work. For example a player who likes to double up his bets on red or black as it loses would require an enormous bankroll relative to his starting bet.

We play a physical game so that when we notice the ball is rolling true we would want to bet more than when it’s a more chaotic game. The expression of ‘pressing when winning’ comes from the top players who can recognize when the game is especially good. E.G. the winning is happening for a real reason and one should raise the bets up to the point when the ball action next changes for the worse and this happens for more reasons than just a dealer change. When I see a normal non system gambler ‘pressing when winning’ in what is essentially for him a random game, I know only too well that this concept is misunderstood and he would likely give the money all back and very quickly too, as there is no logical reason for this player to raise his bets to start with.

The bankroll required when in a good margin is relatively low and is simply enough to cope with normal negative fluctuation where on some nights you can do everything right but miss out because of a very unlucky bounce, where you end up with too many landing next door to your own bets.

Q. Are there any special issues regarding the vibration unit?

A. The vibration unit can be placed anywhere to the body. You will would only hear the vibrations if you were in a silent room and even then they are very quiet.
There are a couple of different ways of using the unit and one method would use more battery power over the year.

The digital vibration has an adjustable pulse rate and a very simple external battery change. It should vibrate with 32,000 pulses from a single battery.

Q. Will the method work on all makes of wheel and ball?

A. Basically yes. The play cards are designed for both wheel directions and ball types. The player selects the bet numbers from the wheel itself so that would then include both American and European roulette layouts.

As I hope you will see there are many other aspects that make for a good wheel, so although it’s true to say that nearly all wheel types are ok it still wouldn’t be ok to play all wheels. In other words you may find a place with 8 identical looking wheels but the truth is that they will all have their own ‘signature’ and behave quite differently, and the likely result would be selecting to play the best one or two only. This is covered in full detail on my CD.

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