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Electronics for Roulette

We have shown how the digital vibration unit is used as the ideal rhythm trainer and we have also demonstrated how it can also be used in all parts of the world for rhythm training practise.

Much has been written over the years on the subject of electronics in roulette but the bottom line is that those countries or regions where it is allowed for actual play have got it right and as you will see, I say this with good reason.

If all roulette was truly random and that it could not be beaten with skill alone then I would accept that electronics should be prohibited.
However, this isn’t the case and roulette is certainly not random. Throughout the life of the roulette game there have always been those who can spot the all important wheels that are for one reason or another not random.

This idea of randomness is very important because if there is anything unusual about a wheel’s signature then it’s not just the professional who take advantage of it, in fact, on these wheels the dealer can have complete control if they know how.

You may have often wondered if a croupier is trying to ‘deal you out’
And in truth this is a rare skill and in most cases it will just be a case of a spell of bad luck, but that doesn’t mean we can rule out the damage a dealer can create. Over the years I have had much fun learning how to spin numbers and it has proved a very worthwhile exercise in terms of learning how to actually play. I have never been employed as a dealer or anything but soon realised that all the basic principles of the game are the same but just applied in different ways.

After seeing these short uncut clips you may be quite surprised and never view the game in the same way again! In the first video my challenge is to throw 5 specific neighbour bets, all in a specific order.
At odds of 7.2 to 1 for each bet this exercise should take about 15,000 spins but trust me the video is not quite that long!

In the second video my challenge is to throw a specific half wheel
section and this video is a bit of fun too!

There are no film cuts during either of these videos.

Ok, so roulette isn’t always random and as a result it can be beaten from both sides of the wheel. Perhaps you would also agree that this is why, in my opinion the use of electronics to counter the control of the dealer is perfectly reasonable.

This article is of interest in that it clearly demonstrates UK law

Times Newspaper Article 5th December 2004

Click to Enlarge

Time Newspaper Story

Nowadays it is the casinos that use a multitude of electronic gadgets, they even use wheel number analysis machines. If this isn't evidence of a non random game, then I don't know what is.

Imagine you are betting heavy on number 29 and whilst playing, the casino manager notices his machine is indicating that there is an unnatural occurrence of say numbers 8 and 23. Now, is that manager going to correct this imbalance there and then or is he going to wait unitl you have finished your money playing 29, on the other and weaker side of the wheel !

How can we know the answer for sure, as I once saw a pit boss secretly pass a cracked roulette ball to a croupier with the sole purpose of mixing things up, and all because the player was just being lucky.

It's a minefield out there and we suggest that if you play at all, then you go in fully prepared and very well informed.

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We cannot accept any responibility for the use of this product. However, it is clear that in all parts of the world you may use either of our vibration products for training & practicing your rhythm count.

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