Jafco Roulette System
Video demonstration

In these short film clips I will show how to beat all the normal roulette playing odds where I turn 25 units in to thousands of units in seconds!
Showing live and un-cut roulette video clips on the internet is not straight forward because the wheel rotor will appear to jump occasionally. We wish to state that these are not film cuts but are caused by file compression which leads to loss in quality. We do however keep all original film on record to back up our statements in relation to our video clips. The quality should improve from the second viewing onwards.

We are confident in our product and want to give you as much information as you need before or after becoming a customer. You will notice that the overall cost of this complete roulette system is low and could be paid for with just one extra £4 en plein winning roulette bet.



New Roulette Systems
Information for all roulette players

  1. Three ways to play winning roulette with Jafco’s   visual roulette and roulette computer prediction at jafcoroulette.com ….. systems for both European and American style Roulette wheel layouts.


  2. Roulette advantage players require skill, patience and a good knowledge of how, why and when we can win at roulette visually.

  3. The Pred7 roulette computer can be set to predict as early as the first ball revolution. If you haven’t seen this done before, don’t worry because no one else has either!
Predict roulette numbers
like a professional.


  4. Roulette croupiers who spin with a degree of regularity will often present the player with interesting number or throw patterns, however; identifying the real physical patterns from the random ones is the secret and key to your level of success.
Dealer Signature Strategy for Roulette winning

  5. When looking around for the best roulette systems it is important to ask the right questions and not allow ourselves to be misled with inaccurate information, which is everywhere on the net. I offer a pre-purchase demonstration of my roulette computer and thank many of my customers who have sent me genuinely good comments and testimonials / Jafco Roulette


  6. All top roulette systems require a degree of human skill and understanding, which is why even the professional roulette players will have different degrees of winning edge. The Biased number game requires least skill but good understanding, and the visual system requires more skill. All Jafco systems are designed to account for, and compensate for the inevitable human errors. See information on “HowTo Play Jafco systems”

  7. Vincere alla roulette - Visual sistemi di previsione della roulette -
Vedi maggiori informazioni

  8. Forty roulette winning films with odds for each film clip ranging from over 1000 :1 and up to 1.5 million : 1.
There are no film cuts during play and there are no camera tricks.  Jafco video roulette systems

  9. Vyhrát v ruletě - vizuální systémy rulety Info - Více informací

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