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Welcome to my website and winning roulette system. I’m John at Jafco Roulette, a player and long term winner for over 25 years. I hope that by the time you reach the bottom of this page you will know for sure that winning at roulette is easier than you may realize, and better than that, for a price lower than a single winner, you too can discover the secrets required for long term roulette winning.

Roulette Systems That Work

First, we need to rule out the roulette systems that don't work, and as you would expect, that's just about all of them.

When Surfing the internet you will find hundreds of roulette strategies and playing methods. Sometimes I think the best system of all would be a system for finding a good system!! but In fact, all these roulette techniques can be divided into about 3 main groups.

First of all there are the bet staking and progressive styles of gaming strategies.

Roulette System

This group makes up about 90% of all the roulette systems around. They are mostly based on valid mathematical principles, but they also overlook both the house edge and the table limits and for these reasons they are as unworkable as each other and destined to fail.

These roulette staking systems were all discredited as long ago as the 1960s and should be avoided at all costs.

Next, there is the biased roulette number system. We are now at least on to systems that are founded on the physical conditions of the game and in this instance, relating specifically to the wheel itself.
Top biased number players have won millions over the years and it’s very easy to understand why. Wear and tear or poor manufacture can often create an irregularity within the number plate area itself. A roulette number pocket might develop an invisible crack because of metal fatigue, perhaps giving rise to an irregular bounce with the potential therefore of creating a hot number or zone of numbers. Although one of the most powerful and practical winning methods known, it is not valid as modern day system in that you can’t rely on a method which depends on biased numbers that are very hard to find.

Roulette Strategy

My advice is to always keep a look out for these amazing roulette wheels but don’t specifically spend all your time looking for something that you may never in fact find, especially as we have a far better long term winning option to recommend.


Finally there is the a group of winning systems that are all based on a lesser known and more modern type of wheel bias. These systems are all founded on the same combination of physical factors which can then be applied in a multitude of ways. Over the past years I have developed a fun method for dealing numbers, a roulette watch system for tracking both the wheel and ball and designed a roulette computer to predict the winning numbers. The key point here is that all of these methods work because they are all based on exactly the same 3 dimensional aspects of roulette game.

We will look closer at each part of my visual method but as an initial outline, the primary factors that we consider are the wheel speed, the landing distribution on the pins, and the ever changing external conditions that greatly affect the action of a roulette ball, especially the weather and the varying forces of gravity.

The Jafco Roulette System ©
A high margin at a low price


Players who bet on a number and then follow it on the wheel will know that bad feeling when the bet number runs past the pin as the ball lands. When this happens we can virtually be sure of losing, unless we get an unusually extra long bounce. In reality we all know that we would much prefer our bet number to arrive at the pin just after the ball and thus allow for a shorter and more predictable bounce.

The position of your bet number when the ball lands is vital, and if you can make sure that your bet number/s nearly always meets the ball on landing then, you too will be a winner in the long term.

As ever in life, being in the right place at the time is the way we want it and this phenomena of always meeting the ball on landing can clearly be seen on this 13,008 to 1 uncut film clip.

The next video shows how we need to separate our bets when playing in more mixed conditions. The margin is slightly lower but still very powerful.

Level Wheel Play

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My unique roulette playing method is exclusively available from Jafco. I can answer any questions by email before or after becoming a customer. We also have other products including our roulette predicting software installed onto a PDA as demonstrated on our sister site:

Genuine Comments by Real Customers 

HI john

I just feel the need to add a quick note to say how impressed I am, not just about the kit you have provided (which I believe is excellent) but more importantly about the after sales service you’re operating. Credit where credits due, the full service is excellent mate, I honestly can’t recommend you enough


Hi John

Thank you again for your unfailing commitment to customer service.

As you know I have been extremely impressed with the
"Vibe" visual system I bought from you………

You have two fantastic products and your readiness to support them has made it a pleasure to deal with you.

Again, my thanks for everything John and do keep an eye out for those friends of mine who will be calling you soon.


TG Spain


Hi john

just wanted to report a quite staggering winning session on the latter part of your second training DVD, the part where you use visual prediction only. I wish I had kept a record now, but the hit rate was truly astronomical, despite the fact it had got late and I was knackered!! I think it must have gone close to three hits to every one loss for long periods.

Michael / Midlands

New Jafco Roulette Products

After 30 years of playing visual roulette and 5 years trading online, I am very pleased to update and release some great new visual roulette products.

First, I want to make my classic Visual Roulette System more widely accessible and so I am offering a special new price of £155, which is a small price to pay when I consider the level of personal success from this system over the years. It is the best way of getting started at professional roulette play, and to validate the true accuracy of the Jafco roulette playing principles. (check out what the genuine customers say and not the internet’s pretenders, imitators and fakers)

In addition to my new price offer, players will also receive the updated visual system manual (booklet), including the ideas and experiences from many of the highly successful Jafco roulette player customers, more great tips and a summary of the full roulette visual playing system

Secondly, for players who like to track the roulette dealer’s action, I am pleased to offer my roulette croupier’s signature system. This is a method of play that enables players to bet early in the spin or even before the ball is thrown! There are several styles of play and your selection would depend on when the “no more bets” moment occurs.

Finally, I am pleased to have recently completed my work with the jafco advanced roulette system. Customers receive the full visual system, the current advanced player booklet (50 pages in colour) and all the new features of this highly accurate roulette system pack


1. Several charts for making our new player cards, which will include almost all possible bet positions. These will guide the player to all the hot zone positions between 5 and 25 seconds from the end of the roulette spin, including half seconds too. These tables are compatible with both the visual and dealer’s roulette system. If for example the player wishes to bet 10.5 seconds from the end of the spin, then he simply uses the chart to determine all the 10.5 sec bet positions for all likely roulette wheel speed times. This product is a very useful tool for all professional roulette (visual) players.

There is also a new style of visual roulette player card that it is completely unidentifiable because it appears only as list of numbers, written by the player on to a normal roulette card, as provided by the local casino.

2. One of the unique techniques of all the jafco systems is known as the roulette betting overlap position, a playing method that other system sellers are attempting to copy, though not always with a full understanding.

I have now created several visual simulation diagrams to demonstrate exactly where these hot betting zones will occur. The overlap positions arise from a mix of factors such as the player’s target, the roulette rotor speed and the level of roulette ball deceleration. The charts consider all these factors and will show the player exactly how to locate the exact points where the overlaps will happen.

3. I have also increased the customization of the roulette pulse vibrator device, so that it can now be used in conjunction with both the roulette wheel and ball speeds.

This gadget is not permitted in all parts of the world and for the more skilful players, judging the roulette ball with natural true skill remains a great option. The many customers that I have met in person would confirm that whenever I play, demonstrate or give training, I always play the complete natural game, as I’m sure you can too. The vibration tool is however still the very best way to train a natural counting rhythm and far better than a clock timer, which is only of use to test your rhythm counting ability.

In this first “Dealer Signature” film, I am taking the role of a dealer on auto pilot. I am also throwing from particular area in order to demonstrate the pattern in its most simple form. A dealer can ofcourse be tracked from whatever number he throws from, it’s just that the pattern would not appear so obvious but would be just as strong. Please note that this roulette dealing skill is not applied in any of my system play videos where I pick up the wheel and ball action after the start of the spin

Jafco Roulette
Playing Information on CD ©

To win at roulette we first need to have a complete understanding of the game, and I really mean complete, because if just one key factor is not considered we would then miss out totally.

On our CD we give information on all these crucial factors which combine together to enable a winning margin, and then we cover many other lesser factors which still, when all put together, make up the "icing on the cake" in terms of the overall winning edge.

Beat The Casinos

First we explain exactly how overlaps or hot betting zones are created from the interaction between the landing pins and the varying wheel speeds. This is what I refer to as the third dimension of roulette playing and an understanding of this part will give you great confidence and inner belief that all of what you see is happening because of the real physical factors that affect the game, and better than that, you will understand them !

If you are trying to improve your own visual method, then your problem may well be what we call “the opposites syndrome,” where too often, you find the winning number is on the exact opposite side of the wheel relative to your own bet. In this instance you would in fact be doing many things correctly but would certainly benefit from our method, explained in great detail on CD, where we demonstrate exactly how to convert two opposite bet positions into just one which is nearly twice as powerful in terms of margin.

In addition, we give detailed information about what makes a wheel good for playing, how to set up to play it, how to track the action of the ball, where to find the bet positions on either the 0 and 00 layouts, how to select the bet moment, judge the wheel speed, and use our exclusive roulette system playing cards.

On the CD I use charts, diagrams and freeze frame style picture sequences, all designed to show my method clearly and in great detail. When you examine the playing card data I am sure you will see how the experience gained over the years has enabled me to convert a highly complicated game into a very simple and repetitive playing action, which is both quick and very accurate.

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Roulette Wheel Speed Accuracy

Finding the right wheel and understanding how to set up to take advantage of it is one thing but just how can we position our bets with the required level of accuracy? Remember how important it is for the bets to be meeting the ball on landing, well we can only do this part accurately if we first have a good method for judging the speed of the roulette wheel.

A natural rhythm count is the key and well within our human capabilities. With a little practice you can easily learn to count out a short period of time. You would also be surprised at how repetitively and accurately this can be done, and especially the value of it.

Included in our full player’s package is the latest addition to our professional roulette system……

Vibrating Watch

The very best way of tuning your rhythm count is to use vibrations pulsing over set time periods. If you were to choose a stopwatch to practice your rhythm count then you would only be able test yourself, but with a pulse you can also practice by actually counting with the rhythm, one…and...two…and...three.

In certain places you may not be permitted to use the adjustable vibrating unit whilst actually playing but at least they can’t stop you from using a vibration to gain your rhythm before and in between playing sessions !

Let’s not forget that this is just a normal everyday item in every way. It is easy to use and as you would expect, deadly accurate. The vibration unit will discreetly vibrate with over 35, 000 pulses on just one standard 2032 cell battery. A minimum of only three vibrations is required per practice spin, though usually the player would select a continuous pulse mode and use many more.

The Adjustable Vibration Unit

Electronics and Roulette

So, the playing information on CD is the first and main part of our roulette playing system, the vibration unit is the second part and both are included in the full player pack, exclusively available from Jafco ~ There’s more too, let’s look at our unique roulette playing cards which make the third part of the player’s pack.

Roulette | The Winning Way!

A Fast & Simple Roulette Playing System
using the exclusive Jafco Playing Cards

Once you have used my information on CD to locate and set up correctly to play a good wheel, you will then have 3 player tasks to complete within a short but reasonable time during each spin. As you would expect these player tasks are designed to be simple and like all important factors, these too are described in complete detail on the CD.

Task 1 involves tracking the roulette wheel speed using our rhythm count or vibrations. You don’t need to wait for the zero to come around before starting because with our roulette system you can use any number for wheel timing.
Task 2 happens immediately after task 1, when the player very quickly looks up a bet position on one of our unique roulette playing cards. The bet position will relate directly to the specific card that is selected and by the wheel speed for a particular spin. The player never needs to know the actual wheel speed in figures as this is all converted automatically for him into a bet position on the play card.



Task 3 is the final action for the player when the all important bet moment arrives, when it is time to select a bet from the hot number zone located in a set place on the wheel, as indicated on the play card earlier in the spin.

You can see on our videos that when all the player tasks are completed correctly the result will be a bet number that is perfectly positioned for the arriving ball. And remember, it is this repetitive position that creates the winners and not just luck!

The cards consider the player’s aim, the speed of the wheel and the type of ball ( teflon or ivorine // composite ). The bet positions can all also be moved to cope with varying ball conditions and bounce.

There are over twenty individual roulette system playing cards, though players need only use 1 or 2 at any one time and often just a few cards for any one casino.

A full set of our play cards will also be included in our full player pack.

Practice For Success
On Our DVD

Roulette System Symetry

With all the CD information in mind, and with both the vibration unit and play cards in hand, you would now be ready for live play practice.
To save you having to buy or rent your own wheel, and to avoid going in before ready to, we include our own training and practice DVD as a further part to the full player’s pack.

Our Winning System

The DVD has over 100 spins, some of which are broken down into parts of spins, and again this is to show the full picture of what is really going on. We demonstrate the different ways of setting up to play, how to track the ball and especially how to select the winning bets at exactly the right moment ~ It’s all on there, and it all works!

You may at this point wish to view our section covering the most

Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Prices

Roulette CD


Promotion Offer

Option 1

Updated Visual Roulette System - New Promotional Price

Our complete roulette system on CD and DVD with the digital vibration unit plus the playing card data is now available for a price of £155 sterling, plus £9.50 for secure worldwide post and packing.

Option 2

Advanced Visual Roulette System

The advanced roulette playerv pack includes all visual system items, as desribed in option 1 above, plus:

1. The advanced system booklet (Over 40 pages in colour)

2. A new and more customized vibration unit with switch for both ball and wheel speeds.

3. Several card maker charts, enabling the player to create a card for virtually all situations.

4. Five visual simulation charts to highlight the roulette overlap postions for different roulette rotor speeds and variable ball deceleration rates.

5. There will also be a full description of exactly how to best use the charts described above.

Buy it now £285 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 3

Dealer's Signature System &The Adjustable Vibration Unit

This vibration unit will pulse silently and continuously in the set rhythm. This is definitely the very best way to train a skilful rhythm count. It’s also a great way to get your practice underway. Simply watch to see how far any single number moves over the set time.

Also included in your player pack will be my new 50 page spin pattern analysis booklet showing innovative ways to track the croupier’s dealer signature patterns.

On your practice DVD there’s about two hours of roulette spins including a clip with four hits in a row on Eighteen Red ! This DVD is designed for close up spin analysis and to watch on computer.

You will also receive your Player’s manual on CD, showing in full detail all five playing methods and much more!

roulette wheel tracker

Buy it now £165 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 4

Promotion Offer

This purchase option is for players wanting the classic Jafco visual roulette system and the Jafco Dealer’s Signature system. (options 1 and 3 together )

Buy it now £285 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 5

Promotion Offer

For players wanting the complete package with all system information and products from options 1,2 and 3, I am offering a great promotional price.

Buy it now £385 + £14 Secure worldwide post.

We can also accept bank transfers, Western Union transfer and personal cheques by arrangement.

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